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Autumn looks with vintage inspired jewelry

It is officially autumn, but hopefully we will still have a few more days of sunshine. None the less, summer is over and we have to bring out our transitional clothes.

If you are fashion obsessed like us, then you are probably familiar with vintage, since it has become an important part of fashion long time ago. Vintage inspired looks and styles are very trendy every season, so do not forget to include it with your autumn

Autumn Look and Vintage Inspired Jewelry Basics

Firstly, you should always consider materials and fabrics. Autumn is a special season when temperatures can vary a lot: so use layers and light, but warm fabrics. Nothing says autumn is really here like a pair of wool trousers, matched with simple blouse and vintage inspired necklace.
Secondly, color scheme is also important. End of year should not mean going to only dark colors. Look around you: autumn is full of colors: red, orange, yellow... Do not be afraid to combine strong colorful pieces with basic colors like white or black.

To take your autumn look to the next level, choose your jewelry wisely. Accessories can elevate your look and bring it to the next level. And you should always pick a piece or two of carefully selected jewelry: might that be a necklace and simple pair of earrings or a statement bracelet and vintage locket necklace.

You have many alluring options that make a major impact. We prepared you couple of vintage-inspired ideas that can spruce up your day look, elevate your chicness of make a party statement.


1. Day Look

Your everyday look does not need to be boring. Carefully selected vintage pendant necklace can be charming and elegant. Your friends will wonder how you can make that white blouse and skinny jeans look so chic.

Autumn Vintage Day Look


2. Business Style

A day at the office does not need to be dull. Rich and a sparkly vintage ring will elevate your business outfit to the next level.

Autumn Vintage Inspired Jewelry Business style


3. Classic Chic

Chic is always classic, we know that. But it is important not to go overboard with your accessories. That is why we suggest sticking with more selected vintage pieces, that still have a sparkly impact.

Autumn Jewelry Classic Chic


4. Party Fever

Party look is all about making a statement that your friends will never forget. Or that perfect guy in the corner that is giving you a special glance. Go bold, do not be afraid to use statement vintage pieces like vintage inspired rings, bracelets or big vintage inspired necklaces.

Jewelry Party Fever


We prepared a special collection of vintage inspired jewelry which you can browse through here:

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