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Best 10 Statement Necklaces For Glam Girls

Calling all glizty and glam girls: we have the best statement necklaces for you this holiday season — so why not buy more than one?

It's December, which means snuggling up next to the fire, decorating the Christmas tree, and of course, sipping hot cocoa and watching White Christmas. When you're not bundled up for your epic nights in this month, you're probably going out and attending holiday party after holiday party, and therefore you're going to need to make a statement — with a statement necklace, that is.

Gold crystal square statement necklace

Gold Crystal Square Statement Necklace

Gold hollow woods statement necklace

Gold Hollow Woods Statement Necklace

Gold luxury statement choker necklace

Gold Plated Luxury Statement Choker Necklace

Silver pearl flower queen statement necklace

Silver Pearl Flower Queen Statement Necklace

White flower gem necklace

Flower Gem Statement Necklace

Gold layered goddess statement choker necklace

Layered Goddess Statement Choker Necklace

Gem triangle statement necklace

Gem Triangle Statement Necklace

Black blackbeaded perfection collar necklace

Blackbeaded Perfection Collar Necklace

Black triangle statement necklace

Black Triangle Necklace

White opal pendant statement necklace

Opal Pendant Statement Necklace

In order to up your Christmas party style this season, we highly suggest you add a statement necklace. It can be a giant flower-adorned necklace or a slew of pearls piled up to really make your dress pop. Either way, statement necklaces are so chic and so in style for the festive season, and lucky for you, we've rounded up 10 different statement necklaces that will wow any of your friends, your coworkers, and even Santa!

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