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Fashion rings to buy online

Fashion rings existed always: they started their story in the Holy Scripture and in the Koran. In ancient Russia people used them as amulets from the evil forces. In ancient India, women wore a mirror-ring on their finger, so that the first thing she saw after waking up, was her own face. But in ancient Egypt, the ring existed only for men. Unfortunately, my relationship with fashion rings is much more complicated. They are present in my casket, I like how they look on fingers in sets, but… I wear them very rarely, because they need a manicure, and I always forget to do it. And what are your relationships with rings? Hope you can not wait to see the fashion rings 2018!

Fauna and streetstyle

Animal rings

Of course, fashion rings in the animalistic style turned up the most interesting ones. To be more precise, rings in the form of a bull’s head from Gucci fashion house.

The bull joins the collection of animal motifs now synonymous with the House. The horned creature is made in sterling silver coated with an enameled finish and marked with multicolored symbols of the House: the UFO, heart, star. The engraved band features the collection name at the interior: Anger Forest. –from

Boho butterfly ring

Although, frankly, this trend makes for us nothing surprising, because last year the style of the Boho dictated to us almost the same direction among the fashion rings, the only thing that differs is about the main fauna roles that were for turtles and elephants in 2017. I really like this variation, because such designs are usually quite massive, which means that we can easily combine them with gloves and some other options during the cold season. I’ve already talked about this earlier:

And the same thing would happen with rings’ jewelry trends, it will be possible to combine them with doubled bracelets. And, by the way, wearing heavy rings over decorative gloves will not lose its relevance during 2018 season.

Ring sets and colors

Ring sets in different colors

 If we talk about fashion rings 2018, we can’t forget about massive rectangular rings that can be worn in pairs or even on every finger. Also doubled and tripled rings that should be worn on phalanx or nails will be back into the fashion world. If you put them on the top of your gloves, you will totally get in trend. So the main thing is to remember that sets of unusual fashion rings are a win-win option! Do not be afraid to combine and to show your crazy imagination.

Boho ring sets

The most popular colors of fashion rings 2018 are:

  1. Greenery;
  2. Pearl shades: black, white, milky, metallic;
  3. Pale Dogwood;
  4. Cherry Bomb;
  5. Lemon and Lime;
  6. Island Paradise;
  7. Silver.

Elongated and round fashion rings are the very rings’ shapes on what you should totally pay attention. And from this moment on a massive, aggressive design as well. You can wear them in pairs or on each finger during 2018. It is possible to combine the round and the rectangular rings – and it is not a bad taste in the new fashion season. On the contrary, it is trendy.

For girls who love modernity, fashion of 2018 offers to choose a double ring with an inlaid jumper or a chain. Such models look truly stylish and bold, in addition, you can wear the phalanx fashion rings in this style. This combination is not forbidden during 2018. In addition, they can be worn over gloves.

Double ring

A statement gold long ring that will take everyone’s breath away. You can wear this statement gold ring by itself or stack it with other rings to get the trendy look. Made of an excellent quality of gold-plated over brass. At HLcollection love is in the details and every woman should dress to shine!

Flowers for any occasion

Romantic modern flower ring

Ring in the form of romantic flower is another trend of the 2018 season. Probably J.W. Anderson couturiers hope that the summer will never come to the very end. Whatever it was, all of us love flowers as they could adorn us for any occasion. Especially golden shades in the autumn/fall period, large winter models that you can put on over the gloves will just create a wow effect!

Naturally, during spring and summer periods, the more elegant your ring becomes – the better. But the essence remains the same. Flower motif remains relevant in every season. The most important thing is just the kind of jewelry item changing.

Step into the garden—this season, jewelry is in full bloom. Imbued with old world romance yet decidedly modern in spirit (no shrinking violets here!), diamond headpieces, carved enamel roses, antique drops and psychedelic-hued gems offer a multifaceted femininity that is undeniably compelling. This exquisite ring by Stefere is beautifully crafted from sapphires and dazzling diamonds with meticulous attention to detail transforming it into a timeless, unique and statement piece of art. – from

Spring summer flower ring

And of course, I could not get around some magical products from the Etsy designers! In the first picture you can see an absolutely tender spring-summer product, in which, as you already understood, I have fallen in love immediately. Earlier I already showed you similar products and I do not cease to admire them till this day! Especially I like when such fashion rings have this width. And it seems to me that it will match a soft white cashmere sweater with a high neck and long, wide sleeves perfectly. Well, the beginning of spring is the ideal time for such handmade ring with real gypsophila flowers. Stephanie Towell, designer from Melted Glass by Steph Etsy store, takes inspiration from the small farm she lives on. Stephanie grows there flowers to help support the local wildlife and uses them in her fashion rings 2018.

The world of Magaela Accessories is a real floral paradise. Yes, those rings that you see on the second picture is the artwork of a forest nymph Michaela Magaela Dorisova. When I opened the page of her store, I immediately realized – here it is, the place I would like to live in! Yes, it’s a bit strange, of course, that I want to live on the Internet page, but… The fact is that recently I visited a magical event in Kiev, lovely Kiev Flower Market. And after that I finally persuaded, such fashion rings 2018 really suit any mood and any event!

Magaela is Slovak handmade brand which was established in 2013. The workshop is located a short walk from the Slovakian border in Austria. Michaela dedicated to make floral accessories for everyday or special occasions such as proms, graduations and weddings. Her portfolio includes tiaras, wreaths, pins, brooches, belts, shoe clips, necklaces, earrings and much more. They also produce bouquets for brides, hair accessories, belts, … for the groom and wedding guests we make badges, for bridesmaids bracelets and they do not forget for pets to whom we make floral collars.

When they create they close their eyes and open our hearts. They believe that there is a fairy hidden in each woman. The source of inspiration is nature, folklore and traditions. Some of Magaela Accessories products are so popular that they were originated several times and have owners around the world, other products are only in limited number.

Gold and tenderness

Modern gold ring for engagement

Small gold fashion rings with white or beige stones will be an excellent addition to the romantic image and will successfully complement the strict office outfit. And this is a wonderful trend, because it comes to us from year to year and it is absolutely universal. After all, more conservative women can look at insane animalistic figures or infantile flora and do not understand this. But gold with a gentle addition is a win-win option! In addition, gold and golden jewelry are the wise monetary investment.

If “the more – the better” creed is not really yours, no one will forbid you if you want to use the usual options – one ring as the only one accessory. By the way, I fell in love with this trend as soon as I wrote about it for the first time. Still, I think that there is nothing better than an extraordinary cocktail ring. Although, I have not found the perfect option even till this time.

But even in this case, jewelry designers tried to release their products, making them mostly visible. For example, in Ralph Lauren jewelry lines you will find huge bright stones, which repeated the exact shade of the dress. And that really makes me say “WOW”. I am always falling in love with such trend connections. And Dries Van Noten with Bottega Veneta decorated fingers of their models with rather appreciable natural stones.

Being careful with pearls

Rings with pearls

According to Mulberry, eternal pearls will remain trendy during 2018. They have been in fashion for hundreds of years, and it seems that they will last on the podiums for the same. If you dare to buy a pearl ring, you do the right choice. But according to the new trends, one jewelry model can note the return of many pebbles in one ring. But this is not the main thing.

The main thing is that there are no cabochons, special cut, only balls. And again, I can not find the ideal option for myself. I want it to be a set of fashion rings, but they should not look like I’m 12 years old. It seems to me that the most important thing about pearl jewelry is how it affects your age. So be very careful.

And, of course, I have found some wonderful samples on Etsy! In the East people believe that the ring with pearl protects against theft, fraudulent transactions and also against the evil eye. So that I am very happy to introduce some Etsy brands that do really amazing products!

Simple geometry

Simple geometry ring

I already managed to mention an example of such ring a little higher, combining it with a pearl trend. By the way, what do you think about such a challenge – try to combine in one ring at least 3 trends at once! After all, such a model among fashion rings will become insanely popular in the modern fashion world! So, what do you think? Or maybe such a model already exists in your collection?

So far we will continue our conversation about geometry in fashion rings 2018! It is not necessary to choose accessories with fancy shapes, ornate design that catches your eye. An ordinary ring with geometric lines like triangles, rhombus, rectangles inscribed in an oval, and so on can be stylish and fashionable, just until the designer’s fantasy runs out. 

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