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Jewelry trends for 2018

2018 will arrive in less than 2 months and we must be prepared to show off the best jewelry trends for 2018. In this post I will give you a brief summary of what will be relevant in the new year; from delicate jewelry, to safety pins. 2018 will be a year full of surprising trends with new and crazy designs. Let’s start

Simple and delicate jewelry

Simple and delicate jewelryInstagram has become a place of inspiration for fashionistas and thanks to this platform, we have a delicate and beautiful trend: simple jewelry. The designs are so beautiful that any fashionista would like to have them in their jewelry box.

Trendy elegant simple necklace

Disco hoops earrings

Large fashion disco hoop earrings

The earrings in the shape of hoops have become the re-incarnation of modernity and the disco era, expressing courage and relaxation in women. That’s why you should feel free and wear bell-type blouses, neon colors and flashy floral prints. Check out our Gold Hoop Earrings Set or Big Bold Hoop Earrings.

 Giant big modern hoop earrings


Extravagant modern necklaces

In 2018, the jewelry will be extravagant and that’s why most designers have opted for extravagant, large and long necklaces for 2018. This trend is perfect for fashionistas who like to overload their look.

Large pendant necklace

Complicated necklaces and multi-colored beads can be replaced by large and striking pendants. This trend is perfect for any season.

Greenery color

Green necklace trends

The Pantone Institute presents 10 real tones every 10 months. In the new season, you will find natural and bright tones, to attract the attention and create the most incredible looks. Among these tones, we can find the “Greenery” color and it is one of the most important colors for 2018.

Necklace with large green pendant

This color represents the spring vegetation and it is perfect for any season, day, mood or occasion. In addition, Green makes fresh our look, especially if it is used in jewelry.

Punk and grunge style jewelry

Punk and grunge style necklaces and jewelry

Today, the punk and grunge culture has been an influence for the most innovative and rebellious trends. And that’s why the new season is inspired by the unisex style. This style is represented by simple earrings and large pendants, adapting to modern fashionistas.

Childish jewelry with emoticons

In each person this trend evokes different emotions, but it usually makes the people feel free.

Safety pins earrings

Safety pins jewelry

The safety pins are also part of the punk culture and even in 2017 they are already popular. The safety pins have moved from the ears to the neck and arms. This is one of the most chic trends for 2018, because it can be used in different ways.

Modern and trendy safety pins earring

“In the early 70’s, the anarchy was delivered to the United Kingdom by people like Malcolm McLaren, Vivienne Westwood and The Sex Pistols, but advanced more than forty years and the spirit of the punk is still alive. This subculture uses a strong dose of symbolism of the circle A and the black flag, but perhaps the strongest representative is the safety pin”


Crowns for special jewelry

In 2018, designers have chosen to use extravagance designs in their jewelry and that’s why they have included large crowns with precious and semiprecious stones. Dolce & Gabbana has the best crowns, their designs are AMAZING! I’m not going to lie, this is one of my favorite trends for 2018. It’s delicate, feminine and perfect for a luxurious party! 


Modern pink flower ring

The flower-shaped rings are part of the most adorable trends for 2018. The flowers are perfect for any occasion, but the flowers in golden shades should be used in autumn and the large flowers in winter. 

Blue flowers rings

During spring and summer, rings should be as elegant as possible. Of course, the essence remains the same: flowers will be relevant every season of 2018.

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